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Brooke McQueen [userpic]

Welcome to My Life

November 9th, 2006 (05:30 pm)

current location: My room
how I feel inside: anxious
songs my heart sings: Sometimes - Britney Spears

Wow, my first entry, and I must say I'm a little intimidated. I don't know what to say. Who might read this...but oh well that's what a journal is for right? I can't believe I let Nic talk me into getting one of these, but apparently everyone's got one. If anyone would know that Nic would. Right this is my journal and I'm going on and on about Nic.

I can't believe it's almost the beginning of sophomore year. It seems like summer just started. It's hard to believe that next week Nic and I will be holding tryouts for the Glamazons. I still have to pinch myself to convince myself it's true. I'm actually captain of the squad...me...Brooke McQueen...Though I am a little nervous. I mean what if I don't do a good job? What if I pick someone that totally ruins everything?

Josh says I'm a natural. He's so sweet. I'm so lucky to have him, and he's made the past few months truly amazing. We've gotten really close, and I can honestly say I love him more than I ever thought it possible to love someone. Just thinking about him makes me smile...

Speaking of Josh, I have a date I'm in desperate need of getting ready for. So I guess I'll end this for tonight.