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Brooke McQueen [userpic]

Same crap, different day

December 19th, 2006 (11:57 pm)

current location: my bed
how I feel inside: depressed
songs my heart sings: Weird - Hanson

Well, today was definitely worse than yesterday. First everyone was completely hostile and heinous to Nicole and I today and it's all because of Carmen Ferrara. They all hate us now because Carmen's not on the squad and Nic totally doesn't seem to care.

Then in some bizzare twist of fate, Sam McPherson helped me pick up my books today. She actually smiled at me and for a moment, I couldn't remember why it was we hate each other so much. I'll chock it up to one of those rare moments in time that she is actually a decent person. I mean people can be ogres all the time, right? Then I surprised myself by inviting her to the party on Friday, but Nicole totally 86'd that idea. I just hope Sam doesn't take it personally.

On top of it all, Carmen wasn't in school today and Josh is still mad at me for calling him a drama geek. My world feels like it's falling apart. I need some crazy glue..fast! I mean it's only the first week of school! I don't know how Principal Hall expects me to tutor anyone with my life in shambles around me.

That's right, Principal Hall called me into the office and asked me if I wanted to tutor some girl that is one academic probabtion. I of course said 'yes.' I just hope it's not some stoner chick.



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